One of the advantages of Singing Ring® is that it can be placed on your body and be moved along your body. It is very different from Tibetan bowls. It is similar to massage therapy but vibrations can reach deep into your body parts such as brain, internal organs, and vascular system, while you are deeply relaxed. 

The secret of Singing Ring® is Full Harmonic Overtones, it means that the sound contains multiple layers of overtones and its wide range of frequency synchronizes your body cells to the optimal state. With the Full Harmonic Overtones, you will feel deeply relaxed and it will bring you to the meditative state while your body is healing.

Elements to shine

Unlike other sound bowls that exist in the world, every Singing Ring® has the exact same shape and size that creates uniform frequency of vibration and sound. The bowls resonate with each other naturally creating multiple layers of overtones. The proliferated sound and vibration creates a sound bath or sound dome effect and we call it Full Harmonic Overtones. As you can imagine, this will give you a unique sensation that you may have never experienced before. Some of my customers described it as a feeling of the universe.

According to the law of resonance, vibration will synchronize to a similar frequency. What will be happening in your body is your body cell picks up and resonates to the Singing Ring's higher frequency which is similar to your body cell frequency and tune and raise it.

Singing Ring® creates a wide range of frequency. It's so wide that the existing measurements cannot apply. However, this wide range of frequency is perfect to tune up the intricate and complex human body which consists of 37 trillion cells. 

echnology Meets Craftsmanship​

We use an instrument called Singing Ring® and it was created in Japan in 2004. Founder Sion Kazu combined the Japanese traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to create this healing sound bowl. 

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