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We will place the instruments on your body and slide them on your body as we go. Please bring/wear comfortable clothing with no buttons or zippers, for you to lay down on the massage table comfortably.


You may experience a healing crisis after the session, with symptoms such as headache, sleepiness, stomach pain, diarrhea. These occasional reactions can be seen after our session, but this is due to your body is detoxing all the unnecessary energy. Please drink plenty of water and take a good rest after the session. The session is very gentle and you rarely expect any reactions. However, if symptoms do persist for more than 3 days, please seek medical advice.

​Our Service details

Crown Therapy: Enjoy the resonance while we cover your head with the bowl. It wouldchange your brain frequency to feel instant calmness. This session is not suitable for those who have neck and shoulder injury so please notify prior to the session.

⌲ Basic Body Flow: This is our basic body healing therapy with Singing Ring® that goes through shoulders to toes as you lay on the massage table.

 Chakra clearing: Chakras are energy centre of your body. We will go through your 7 major chakra points on your body with Singing Ring®, it will help detox and rejuvenate your chakras.

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